Danger familles : Disney se propose de retourner le cerveau de nos enfants par la propagande homosexualiste

« Disney Channel s’apprête à introduire son tout premier couple de lesbiennes dans une de ses séries. Avis aux parents !

« Disney n’est plus une garantie

walt disney - propagande homosexualiste

Jusqu’ici, aller voir un film de Disney supposait se détendre, se divertir devant l’écran. Des premiers contes de fée qui vous plongeaient dans l’émerveillement, comme Blanche-Neige et les sept nains, Le Livre de la Jungle ou Cendrillon, jusqu’aux projets les plus récents, tels Le Roi Lion, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Les Indestructibles ou Le monde de Nemo, entre autres, tous ont toujours mis en avant des valeurs comme l’amitié, le sacrifice, la générosité et tant d’autres qui favorisaient l’éducation des petits et des grands.

Désormais, il n’en sera plus ainsi. Les parents devront être sur leurs gardes (…) Disney a cessé d’être une garantie de family friendly. »(aleteia.org – 01/07/2013)

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Walt Disney : de la « malbouffe culturelle » pour nos enfants sinon pire ?

Since the beginning of Disney cartoons and movies there has been a lot of talk about how they may have been participating in the distribution of hidden messages. Some of these messages are subliminal and/or placed in the finished product so that only your unconscious mind picks up on them, but many other messages are plainly in your face for you to fully understand, and even form your belief systems around.


This is a compilation of Disney clips taken from a number of different Disney movies and cartoons that portray very racist ideals, keep in mind that none of this imagery is subliminal and is very blatant. The early Walt Disney and company were very racist. You could make the argument that much of America was that way too in the 1940s (when Fantasia was created), however Disney is still supported today and still shows racist, satanic, and even womanizing innuendos throughout all of their productions.

[Clip censuré par Disney]

Disney has thrown a lot of satanic imagery in a lot of their productions as well. Above is a clip from Fantasia, and the production was called « Night on Bald Mountain » It is the only Disney film to show the Devil in his most accurate form. This however, is still not the only reason why Disney has been deemed a satanic organization. Check out YouTube for more clips on the subject. I just thought this one was very interesting. It even shows the naked female body for everyone to see. This is very interesting. I know this is art, and is extremely well done, but lets remember people have bitched about less, and somehow Disney is immune to this criticism? Don’t be naive.


Sexism is used in a lot of Disney works. Like in Beauty in the Beast, the Beast plays a very abusive character, yet Belle hangs around and takes the abuse, in hopes the Beast will change. Is this what Disney wants to teach the young woman and children of America? Girls watch this with open eyes and ears. They hang on every word. A single Disney movie teaches our youth more than a single year in high school. Its amazing the kind of stuff, that is presented in each production. I hope I haven’t offended anybody, a lot of my family still watches a lot of Disney movies, but more research should be done in not only current works of Disney, but also previous. This is all very strange. Please leave comments below. Love and Light. (source)

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